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the development news of year 2023:

1) transducer and temperature sensors now can operate without external power source: were appeared five alternative sources of required super low energy; energy consumption of sensors in 400.. 25 000 times less than analogs, proportionally frequency of renew information;

2) the measuring and weather ranges of sensors and transducers were expanded up to –100 °C;

3) was realized a heating of transducer case at low weather temperature, class of dust and water protection improved up to IP68, improved operational characteristics to a sensor level; transducers have get another level of autonomy and can work out of buildings;

4) were created five modules of alternative power, external supply not necessary;

5) average current consumption 3,3 V of 200 sensors do not excess 2 mA;

6) energy of transducers consumption has been decreased in 50 times;

7) set package decreased on 25%, sensors of nominal size 125.. 1500 mm pack in 25 mm aluminum tube;

8) the sensor nomenclature loses option without galvanic division 2,5 kV;
sensors Ferrum become un-comparable even with earlier selected analogs, and another were not represented to us;

9) Was created the new product Industrial Power Sources Ferrum, compact and technically forwarded.

Were developed in April 2023. Since June is holding a serial manufacture preparation on July. There are used the technical characteristics of highest level. The non-stop usage equipment. A case from the short stainless steel tube 18  mm diameter with arbitrary working orientation.  The sources represent a durability reserve at normal conditions up to 20 years. Provide the highest levels of dust and water protection, intrinsic safety protection, seismic protection, vibrio and mechanic shocks sustainability, electromagnetic compatibility, 2,5 kV level galvanic division of inputs-outputs of source, also of inputs-outputs of connecting external interface RS485.

Three variants of execution: 1) power 0,3 Watt, 2) power 5 Watt, 3) power 0,3 Watt with six alternative power sources, included without external supply.

The sources belong to unrepairable products on GOST 25804.2, apply without work preparation, of moment readiness.  An overheating and short circuit defense, of input and output defense from impulse noise (high frequency1filters and voltage limitation).

Interface speed till 1 Mbit/s. Interface is available to be used as a repeater for elongation of connectivity distance.

At exploitation in conditions of hard electromagnetic noise or at a connective cables length 50.. 1000 m or more it recommends to use the screened cable. Mechanic force applied to cables is not more 1 Kg.

The working temperature range -100.. +85°C at sources montage with lead solder or -70.. +85°C at montage with lead-free solder (execution marking  PF). The solder volume do not exceeds 0,5 mm3 in sources of 1 and 2 executions, 2 mm3 in 3 execution.

the development news of year 2022:

1) prepared a price for 17,5 thousand temperature Ferrum executions, useful and compact for operative work and production selection, occupies single page A4;

2) started the works on expanding sensor transducer only from cable also to Wi-Fi and Internet, for a reason to organize the sensor possibility to send the time-attached data to necessary internet addresses;

the development news on the last 6 months, 2-nd part 2021:

1) the detailed specification of customer desires realized due the high constructive unification; sensors represent by 32 standard size types in 17 500 executions:

– class accuracy A on repairing category of mechanical executions 1-st and 2-nd with weather range –40.. +60 °C, with measurement ranges –40.. +60 °C, ..+170 °C, ..+200 °C;

– classes accuracy S and P on repairing category of mechanical execution 1-st with weather range –40.. +60 °C, with measurement ranges –40.. +60 °C, with measurement ranges –40.. +60 °C, ..+170 °C, ..+200 °C;

– class accuracy A on repairing and non-repairing categories of mechanical execution 3-rd with weather ranges –40.., –60.., –100.. +85 °C, with measurement ranges –40.. +85 °С, –60.. +85 °С, –40.. +200 °С, –60.. +170 °С, –60.. +200 °С;

– class accuracy A on repairing and non-repairing category of mechanical execution 3-rd with weather range –100.. +200 °C, with measurement ranges –100.. +200 °С;

2) unnecessary optional automatic sensor heating in the difference from analogs and competitors was additionally decreased in 25 times and reached 100-time advantage of Ferrum, maximum 0,01 Watt at weather –60 °C, rises on weather temperature lower –40 °C; higher reliability;

3) automatic sensor heating at weather till –100 °C, maximum 0,03 Watt; a minimal weather temperature on the Earth reaches –98 °C, so the weather sensor temperature –100 °C is really actual;

4) used a new etiquette type with a black laser writing on the cylindrical surface stainless steel plug of construction with a burning depth 0,1 mm, the highest etiquette quality, accuracy of execution, un-washable, un-erasable, operational time forever; see photo;

5) decreased a transducer RS485 diameter on 20%;

6) erased circuit of a sensor heating, now a maximum 4-wire sensor connection (interface 2 + power 2 + screen 1);

7) new soldering material with a temperature 150 °C;

8) the printed boards renovation with 100% gold coverage of all wires surface, high reliability, montage quality, operational time;

9) in 10 times decreased energy consumption of one responsible sensor unit;

10) a new temperature measurement range from –100 °C, not yet certified.

11) voltage supply range of transducer RS485-USB (RS485-RS485) expanded to value +2.. 15 V;

12) simple in use and free of charge user program for automatic operational control, diagnose of sensor groups and replacement of out of order with reserves; decreases a price of initial montage works ~ on sensor cost and also of technical service.

PAGE from the recent Enterprise history

As a material sample of our work supplies the 16-page boocklet 2014 rus load with more early developments of our specialists. Comments:

1. Ultrasonic Heat and Flow Meter X12, also of cold, for pipeline diameters 20.. 1500 mm battery operation became the 1-st in CIS in 1998 year counter with autonomic power due to our achievement to decrease an energy consumption from 1 Watt level in 20 thousand times, then a power was additionally decreased in 3.. 5 times at simultaneous rise of meter functions number; the Meter became multichannel, up to 8 independent meters in the case of the same dimension, an accuracy of heat calculator was moved to the etalon level; was achieved a 50-year sensors operational duration;

created as a real single solution of a problem a heat meter for flats networks with 1-pipe vertical heat supply;

created the meter of reservoir high pressure water for oil mining industry with parameters: montage pipeline diameter 50.. 125 mm; working pressure 300.. 500 atm.; 4- and 6-sensor ultrasonic flow sensors with high metrological and operational reliability and automatic sensor reservation at their malfunction; immunity to a high mechanic vibrations level (typical movement 10 cm 2 times per second due to closed location of reservoir water pump) (weather temperature minus 40.. +60 °C; extremely intrinsic safety meter execution; montage inside and out of buildings without additional defense; protecting tent for the meters installation places with an intensive sun radiation; in-built temperature and pressure sensors; meter box with open optical channel for a non-contact information reading; up to 6 years work with a battery size AA; the montage set of flow sensor: welding stainless steel flanges, seals, fixation, hairpins-jacks for easier montage-dismantling of flow sensor;

2. Steam Meter X11 with our own flow sensor with Venture effect on diameters 50.. 125m is interesting due a wide flow range measurement;

3. Gas Volume Corrector B25 with accuracy class 0,5% and 0,15%, the most precise in CIS and even in world.