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Iron Sunrise Enterprise.
Temperature sensors of series Ferrum.
The investigation and manufacture of high precision measuring equipment.

Temperature sensors Ferrum exceed the best world known samples with all 40+ parameters. They represent new sensors, reliably and exactly measuring temperature in complex and extremal working conditions.

  • The main sensors advantages
    • A production differs with high industrial standard A and also in 5 and 15 times more precise sensors. The error limits of measurement in the working conditions of application: ±(0,15+0,002·|t|) °C (class accuracy A of GOST EN 6651), ±0,1 °C, ±0,03 °C in the set of montage elements for 99,7% of measurements number. An absence of additional measuring error in the working conditions is equal to 2-3 aliquot of additional rise of the sensor accuracy.
    • The sensors Ferrum provide an endurance for an operational term up to 100 years. So there are absent plans on the nearest 20 years of the developed production line modernization. Guaranty is up to 5 years. The announced service life of the sensors Ferrum is based on real Enterprise achievements. Nearly 70% of sensors, manufactured 20 years ago fill themselves not badly and finished their third average service time. The new sensors have better constructive and technological base and have met the developer’s expectations. Two sensors of accuracy class A were subjected to the tests on influence of 100 thermic blows cycles -40˚C/+60˚C/-40˚C in ambient air with 2-hour excerpt in each condition. So it was modelled 100-year service time of sensors and realized corresponded tests.
    • Minimal time of the thermic reaction. According GOST (EN)-6651 a time of 63,2% of a complete indications change at a velocity water flow 0,4 m/s is 1,5 s and in a protective glove 3 s.
    • An equipment of the nonstop application. Voluntary working location.
    • Provided a work on the montage pipelines with a pressure up to 500 atm. and diameter 15.. 2000 mm the precise sensor positioning on a pipeline axis.
    • High protection of sensor and it insensitivity to the complex conditions of exploitation with account of all typical unfavorable influenced factors. The highest levels of dust-and-water protection, intrinsic safety, seismic resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, software defense, thermal inertia, maximal velocity of measuring substance, a readiness time at a power supply start, power consumption.
  • The additional sensors advantages
    • Minimal influence on accuracy of the ambient temperature is provided with construction and sensor adaptation to all specified types of measuring substance.
    • Vibration resistance 5g up to 500 Hz and resistance to mechanic shocks 40g 6 ms/15g 16 ms.
    • Micro power consumption of feeding energy. At the feeding voltage 3,3 V a consummating current 3.. 450 mkA, depends on information frequency renew. Here is advantage over the best world models in 500.. 50 000 times. The traditional source presentation is not very required further. As a replacement could be used the alternative energy sources. Sensors have 6 variants of alternative power: light (sun) module, wind module, electrical field 50-60 Hz, temperature difference module, radiomodule, rechargeable voltage +5 V module without electrolyte, all miniature and cheap, all with operational term 50 years as a beginning.
    • The highest intrinsic safety level 0Ex ia IIC T5…T6 Ga. Allows a work in the atmosphere of hydrogen, the most easy-flammable natural gas with a temperature 80 °C.
    • The electrical field resistance up to 5 kV/m. Insensitivity to 1000 electrical discharges 15 kV with absence of failures and with accuracy keeping during influences.
    • The highest degree of dust-and-water protection IP68/IP66. A stability to a water sinking up to 1 m depth and to pouring water jets of high intensity.
    • Instead of the well-known limitations with measuring by analog cables now is parallel 2 or 4-wire communication of all present sensors in digit by a single communicative cable without noises-distortions to a distance u0 to 5 km, possibility of Wi-Fi and Internet communication.
    • All the temperature questions were organized in one compact unit: a sensor, including metrology. I a case of necessity is available fast sensor replacement with any reserved. An accustomed information about plant numbers of sensors and a strict binding to them for operation already not necessary.
    • A recommended usage of sensors Ferrum in the devices of a complex hierarchy of other manufacturers gives a decreasing of calculating, apparatus power and of calculator in heat energy or in gas volume or in the another purpose unit a decrease of an active phase of required power plus our sensor supply a lot own advantages.
    • Realized a new idea for free user software, useful to a wide task range, starting of the preliminary montage up to automatic sensor malfunction search-elimination at exploitation and simultaneous fulfilling of the main function of measuring and service information assembling, it’s dynamic reflection in the table protocol and the pointed interface addresses transmission to the registration devices, automatics and solution creators. A connection of existing at a place sensors in digit fulfils with one cheap communicative cable without distortion-noise to a distance up to 5 km, two wires RS485 plus power supply +3,3.. 5 V. A software «free» decreases the service price on approximately the sensor price. It a present from our Enterprise Iron Sunrise.
    • New software aimed for automatic information gathering of measuring temperature by protocol mod-bus according the settled order of sensor massive till 200 pcs. survey with automatic malfunction diagnostic, localization and elimination. Program Ferrum-plus aimed to maximum automation, minimum of worker labor at start and usage.
    • The enumerated tasks are solving for a first time. There are open new user possibilities and provide the essential progress in work automation. Just underline the universality of approach. It allows to create the base of any sensors and devices. Another feature of such approach is a simple and friendly software without demands to a special preparation and extensive knowledge of programming for development. On fact this user software is universal billet, modifying by user, realized by professionals, with a help of which user solves the necessary directly to him tasks.  
    • Program periodically scans the available address volume of connected sensors, provides a temperature measurement, an identification of all connecting sensors, including the plant numbers, accuracy class, actual survey duration with account of digital filter and address in the interface net, monitors each sensor statement. An exit out of working measuring range controls, also primary sensor disconnection-shortcut, work mistakes, data stability.
    • On a base of received data automatically defines and indicates status of interface network and also of each sensor malfunctioned-in order. At a localization of malfunctioned sensor condition or of sensor group they leave a list of ordered. For the important cases it recommends the sensor dubbing. It increases the reliability of temperature measurement by an operative replacement of malfunctioned sensors by reserved.
    • User software increases user work efficacy on corresponding stages in many times, often allows to avoid the professional programmer service. An essential difference of our product is a single and universal for all users of our sensors instead of became archaic the usual generation of uncalculating number of specialized programs and their versions in each place of application. 
  • An everywhere application, when required temperature measurements, mostly in industry and not only, for autonomic and in-built usage in all spheres of possible sensors application from underground, deep mine up to a sea and universe, geographically from pole to pole, even for apparent as usual applications could be found very useful, and exactly in industry: in transport, including the sea, mining works, atomic objects, metallurgy, construction, water- and heat- supply, electro- and heat- energetics, chemistry, machine tool industry, aviation, ship construction, automobile construction, food industry, medicine and others.
  • The measuring substance is liquid, gas, loose, surface. Degrees C, K, F.
    Temperature measurement range (–100.. +200) °C.
    Working pressure of measuring substance PN up to 500 atm. (50 MPa).
    Ambient temperature range (–100.. +85) °C.
  • Construction of sensors Ferrum is measuring pocket of 10.. 1500 mm length with primary transducer Pt1000 on the end and plug with interface RS485, joined with cable up to 90 cm.
    The transducers have a defense equal to sensors, and capable to operate in the same conditions, including out of buildings, at a condition of direct contact precipitation avoiding. Exists a transducer variant with alternative module. Provides in-built watches, calendar, gathering of archive files.

  • Interface RS485 in the sensor plug with standard open protocols Hyper terminal Win, Mod-bus. Connector and cable one-piece connection; a cable length is practically unlimited, screened cable recommended, till 200 switching sensors; 4-wire connection – full functional, power not from interface (minus 2 wires).
  • Power +(3,3.. 5) V, with an interface RS485 cable or separately. Micro power consumption. Current 3 mkA.. 450 mkA, depends of information frequency renew. An interface switching-off in long work pauses makes an additional multi-time current economy.
  • Possibilities: temperature relay mode, galvanic isolation 2,5 kV, encryption of measuring data, digital filtering of measuring data, delivery in batches with selected accuracy of measurement temperature difference, automatic heating of interface plug on maximum 20 °C at low ambient temperatures (improved reliability, recommended at ambient temperature lower -40 °C), intrinsic safety transducer RS485-USB with galvanic division and stable power 3,3 V for communication with computer or another devices, free user software Ferrum-plus for gathering information from all installed sensors in required to user order, automatic diagnostic and malfunction elimination allows in the most of cases to avoid the help of professional programmers, significantly decrease a price for start works and service, wireless connection to the interface, connection to Internet and Wi-Fi.

Dear Customer! Our sensor is a high precision measuring tool. In a case of neat and careful attitude provides the dozens years of unproblematic operation.
If you have a necessity to adopt sensor Ferrum to some specific tasks, the Enterprise is ready to study such possibility.

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