More then 20-year experience of investigation and manufacture of temperature sensors.

New industrial temperature sensors Ferrum exceed the best world samples with 40+ parameters, see presentation in chapter Informative files.

Created a laboratory for calibration and testing of manufactured production.
Were started the works for modernization of laboratory equipment with a task to reach the highest world level.

A Corporation people have a significant scientific and technical potential in the field of measuring techniques and metrology. A part of our achievements reflected in the booklet 2014 year. Some our devices were the first, when appeared in CIS, for example an ultrasonic heat-and-flowmeter X12 with battery operation, an appearence of which was reached by quick decreasing energy consmption in 20 thousand times.      save file (rus)
For a creation of sensors Ferrum worked the former employees of the leading Institute of the Department of physic and technical problems in energetics of National Academy of USSR. Including constructors, electronics and programmers with more than 20-year experience of manufacturing of own ultrasonic heat-and-flowmeter, water meters with high pressure up to 500 atm., volume gas correctors, steam meters, of six kinds of measuring sensors and another equipment.

By the forces of these employees was created the reference manual of GSSD level, aimed for personals of project organizations and for personals, occupied with energetic research and metrological equipment of heat energy metering, where the energy carries with water and steam.
See a reference manual of Legeoev R.S., Yefremov V.Y. Heat physical properties of water and steam in temperature range 0.. 229 °C and pressure 0,1.. 5 MPa.
A manual aimed for project organization personal and engineers, could be useful to students of corresponding specialties.      save file (rus)

A general constructor of Corporation has among another a profile education Equipment and Methods of measurement of electric and magnetic quantities and personally leads the works during 40 years.
Was nominated two times with title of the Best Inventor of Republic.

Our processing center, a base mechanical manufacture of Enterprise, uses the most modern equipment for sensor components creation with accuracy ±0,002 mm.

In a comparison with 4 analogs sensors Ferrum demonstrate a catastrophic advantage. In 30 cases an advantage in parameters is fixed from 2 to 10 times, and twice in dozens of thousands.

Was given the first certificate, for which our people worked hard nearly a year, proves the sensor correspondence to the highest intrinsic safety level. See Certificate of ТР ТС 012/2011 About Equipment Safety for work in explosion-dander substances for temperature sensors Ferrum.      save file (rus)

Has fulfilled the market research of a corresponding sector. Among the interested consumers we have the large enterprises of oil and gas miners, KAMAZ, helicopter plant, alco industry, communal sector and a lot of other.
An interest to our production is adequate to the it level and so an expected enterprise grow will consist more than hundred percent for the nearest years.

A represented project belongs to a number of so called breakthrough projects, very necessary to a state. As a fact a market production, and in makes over 63 enterprises only in Russian Federation, from the very beginning is retarded; instead the exact devices they still produce baste shoes. A situation composes by an absence of the fresh ideas in the field of instrument-making industry during the dozens years. The totally world problem..
We hope to improve situation.

The possible perspectives. A successful industrial project realization allows to achieve a lot of positive. Authors want and capable to create a really modern enterprise with not seen earlier performance and economic efficacy. Here is a capability to manufacture the new sensors in average in 10 s at the total number of workers up to 10, by 5 per shift, and also a worthy living level personally of employees.

Ferrum, was it means. Literally is iron.
Fe (Ferrum) is an element of Mendeleev Table with atomic number 26. A most expanded metal on the Earth, a second place after aluminum.