News Tape

NEWS TAPE:  the development news on the last 6 months, 2-nd part 2021:

1) unnecessary optional automatic sensor heating in the difference from analogs and concurrents was additionally decreased in 25 times and reached 100-time advantage of Ferrum, maximal heating power of the interface plug makes 0,01 Watt at whether –60 °C, rises on whether temperature lower –40 °C up to –60 °C; higher reliability;

2) automatic sensor heating at whether less –40 °C till –100 °C, maximum power makes 0,03 Watt;

3) used a new etiquette type with a black laser writing on the cylindrical surface stainless steel plug of construction with a burning depth 0,1 mm, see photo; the highest etiquette quality, accuracy of execution,

4) decreased a transducer RS485 dimensions, diameter less 20% and has 19 mm;

5) decreased circuit of a sensor heating, now a maximum 4-wire sensor connection (interface 2 + power 2 + screen 1);

6) new soldering material with a temperature 150 °C;

7) the printed boards renovation with 100% gold coverage of all wires surface, high reliability, montage quality, operational time;

8) in 10 times decreased energy consumption of one responsible sensor unit;

9) a new temperature measurement range from –60 °C till –100 °C, not yet certified.

10) voltage supply of transducer RS485-USB (RS485-RS485) from the value 3,3 or 5 V increased  to 2.. 15 V;

11) simple in use and free of charge user program for automatic operational control, diagnose of sensor groups and replacement of out of order with reserves; decreases a price of initial montage works ~ on sensor cost and also of technical service.